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Introducing one of the first male enhancement products that can also be shared with your partner or spouse. V.I.P. is your choice for natural sexual performance.If you are looking to enhance your sexual experience...look no further than V.I.P.  

10CT bottle




From Our Super Secret Lab Straight to Modifying Weak Genetics

We are here to educate you on the performance and health benefits of Advanced Sports supplementation. For most individuals seeking to better themselves in the complex fitness world, walking into your local nutrition store can be a major culture shock. With so many products to choose from it's become very complicated for most individuals. We take all the guess work and personally educate each and every customer on making the right choice for their chemistry and lifestyle.


Our Top 6 Supplements - Our Winners

Sure, we can have 200 supplements, of course we can have that tomorrow, but, we decided to focus first on our heavy hitters, the supplements that we've been very successful at and the ones that people love.


Gangster Lean

G.O. Caine

The most sought after goal anyone in this ever so growing fitness world has, is to build muscle and burn fat. THE one Holy Grail "miracle pill". Finally here. 60 Caps

Torque has always been the leader in building massive hard core muscles. Pro-Anabolic amplifier. 

60 Caps

Melt stubborn fat and transform your physique with the most powerful and fast acting state-of-the-art fat burner on the planet.

60 Caps 



Metabolic Tattoo

Buff Butter
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  • G.O. Caine
  • Metabolic Tattoo
  • Gangster Lean
  • V.I.P. - - His & Hers Performance​
  • Buff Butter

 Bring out that Supplement Junkie in you and FEED your addiction with the world's best tasting intense pre-workout energy addiction.


A New Generation of Supplements

Here it is people... This is our HEAVY HITTER. A Healthy snack that tastes amazing!!

When people go Buff Butter they never go with another

 So.... GO AHEAD... GO NUTZ!!!